Chuck Anderson80x80Chuck Anderson has extensive retail seafood experience including Safeway seafood department manager, Director of Seafood for Giant Food Stores, VP of Seafood for Ahold USA, and Business Development Manager for HEB in Texas. Chuck is currently a leader with Sustainable Sea Products Inc., working with state of the art Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) systems for shrimp and other species.

It’s show time again. Whether you are seasoned veteran or a first-time attendee, here are my tips for seafood buyers looking to get the most out of Seafood Expo North America.

1.) Wear comfortable shoes. I have seen more than one wise man in a dress suit with dark tennis shoes.

2.) Add an extra day. Come to Boston a day early or stay a day after if you can. Have you ever stayed in downtown Boston on St. Patrick’s Day? You can live enough stories and take photos to keep your Facebook page the...

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Yes, we could see retailers pulling pangasius due to pressure from third parties. Recent articles from SeafoodSource highlight that Carrefour and other European retailers have stopped selling pangasius due to environmental or health concerns.

A Spanish confederation of parents and mothers sent a letter to Spanish health authorities asking for a ban on pangasius for health and environmental reasons. Spanish and E.U. health authorities have not found credible science to ban the fish, so the...

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I had a customer ask how to prepare salmon at home that tastes as good as it does in restaurants. My answer is too long, but here goes. 

I will probably get criticized by some for recommending farmed salmon, but that is probably the first step to preparing great salmon for most people. For great salmon, fat is where it's at. Fat in salmon means flavor and moistness. This is good fat too, high in omega-3's and low in saturated fat.

Freshness is also critical. Use a good fishmonger. Or...

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Two recent studies on reusable produce containers found 38 percent and then 43 percent of the containers used to ship produce in the United Stated were contaminated. The produce industry has been moving away from corrugated boxes for shipping produce to reduce environmental impact. Most of the re-usable produce crates are shipped back to the manufacturer to clean and sanitize before sending to another farm for use. And still, these two studies found many containers unclean and contaminated...

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I know. The event is Seafood Expo North America. I am trying, but it may be a while longer before this old dog stops calling it the Boston seafood show. Here are my thoughts and notes coming out of this year’s expo. It snowed, rained, and became blustery cold. It is the seafood show like usual. Maybe if they change the weather, the date, or location, I will remember the name change.

I spent more time walking the show with others, including several first time attendees. It is great to see the...

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As this is written, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of seafood managers and clerks setting creative seafood displays across North America this morning. The creativity of the seafood display is the first thing to lure shoppers to take a closer look at the daily seafood offerings. It is part of what makes the seafood department unique in the supermarket, and one reason why good seafood managers should be paid like a meat or produce manager. The rest of the store is mostly or completely...

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The booths on the show floor have more value added options than ever before. There is a lot of salmon, tilapia, swai and shrimp reformulated in dozens of ways. Anyone who says there is nothing new at the seafood show is not looking.  

Tuesday is my favorite day at the show. The crowds are smaller and it is easier to get to more booths. Better yet, it is the day to spend time and pick the brains of the many talented professionals at the show. 

I will walk the show today looking...

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Day one at the International Boston Seafood Show is excitement and exhaustion, and it is only early afternoon.  

My Boston visit actually started on Friday with the Fisheries Forum hosted by Ocean Trust.  The highlight for me was a talk by Dr. Ray Hilborn from the University of Washington, who provides a voice of reason in a sea of sensationalism. 

Hilborn and the other speakers did not provide any new epiphanies for me about the health of key fisheries or ecosystems. The...

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The Super Bowl is coming in a couple weeks. Now is the time to advertise that your seafood department or store is Super Bowl Party Headquarters, or maybe call it "The Big Game Party HQ." Give an indication of some of the items that will be available or on sale such as party platters, cooked shrimp and crab legs. Emphasize convenient, easy-to-prepare or ready-made food.

The Super Bowl has become the No. 4 food holiday of the year for the?supermarket. Super Bowl parties take planning to execute...

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U.S. House bill 2706, and a companion Senate bill, seek to ban the sale or possession of billfish for the purpose of commercial sale under the Magnuson Stevens Act. Recreational fishing interests already were able to ban commercial sales of east coast billfish. Now, they are pushing to ban all billfish, except swordfish, in the United States. Hawaii is exempted in this law.  

Magnuson Stevens is about protecting and managing marine resources for the benefit of all US citizens. Commercial...

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