The Super Bowl is coming in a couple weeks. Now is the time to advertise that your seafood department or store is Super Bowl Party Headquarters, or maybe call it "The Big Game Party HQ." Give an indication of some of the items that will be available or on sale such as party platters, cooked shrimp and crab legs. Emphasize convenient, easy-to-prepare or ready-made food.

The Super Bowl has become the No. 4 food holiday of the year for the?supermarket. Super Bowl parties take planning to execute, and many?customers don't think about it until the last minute. Whet their appetite now and plant the seed that they can host their own big game party.

Look at how Apple markets their products such as the iPhone 5 or iPad. They announce the launch date of their newest devices months ahead. This whets the appetite and lets customers save up for the purchase. Marketing for the Super Bowl or any big food holiday can be handled the same way.

The same concept applies to the new-season wild seafood products. Why not play up wild salmon season in your store weeks before the first fish arrives? Let your customers know it is coming to create anticipation. The same applies for blue crab, Dungeness crab, wild striped bass, clam bakes and oysters. Let your customers know you are the headquarters for first-of-the-season seafood. It will help drive sales and improve your seafood market image.


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