Chuck Anderson80x80Chuck Anderson has extensive retail seafood experience including Safeway seafood department manager, Director of Seafood for Giant Food Stores, VP of Seafood for Ahold USA, and Business Development Manager for HEB in Texas. Chuck is currently a leader with Sustainable Sea Products Inc., working with state of the art Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) systems for shrimp and other species.

I learned about seafood when I should have been focused on teaching about seafood. Day two of the 2011 International Boston Seafood Show(IBSS) was more about the seminars for me. I presented my two cents worth on two panels on Monday at the seafood show. I was in the company of very knowledgeable seafood experts and some of the biggest players in the business. I learned more than I taught.

The conference titled Educating the Educators focused on how to develop and...

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The 2011 International Boston Seafood Show is less than two weeks away. The Boston Seafood Show is an opportunity to discover new products, find new suppliers and renew old friendships, but most importantly, it is the place to learn about and generate ideas to run a better seafood business. I am embarrassed to admit that this is the fourth decade that I have attended the seafood show, but I am just as eager as ever to learn about seafood. Here are my three favorite things...

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This is not a tobacco question. The question is: when starting the day, do you dip your fish in an icy slush bath before displaying it or not? Don’t do it, says Texas A&M Sea Grant! Step away from the faucet and the ice shovel and don't do it. After extensive study and scientific analysis, these science-guided researchers say most seafood managers are doing more harm than good to their fish with an early morning rinsing of fish. 

There are a couple of reasons that...

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Next week starts 2011 and that means New Year's resolutions. The number one resolution year after year is to eat healthy and lose weight. This will create tremendous demand on fresh and frozen seafood for the first two weeks of the year. This also means many new or occasional customers will come to the retail seafood counter. Be prepared with plenty of fish recipes, especially of the low calorie variety. The recipe rack will be hit much harder than...

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Last year the price of shrimp, king crab, snow crab, scallop and many other seafood commodities was much lower than this year.  As a result, marketing and selling seafood to customers is much more difficult now. Here are some ideas to help store employees and customers in these tough economic times.

What caused higher seafood prices?
Keep in mind that last year was an aberration.  Many seafood commodities were selling at five year lows, ten year lows, or 30 year...

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What are seafood customers thinking? What are customers asking now? To find out, I asked the experts where the rubber meets the road. I asked seafood managers that work with customers every day. 

I recently made a presentation to more than 100 seafood managers and meat managers about seafood industry trends and seafood sustainability. Hopefully, the audience picked up a couple of nuggets of useful information they could use for their customers.

I had the opportunity to get feedback from...

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In the supermarket business, very few items will get customers off the couch and into the store. Those items are called draws, because they can draw customers into the store. There are only a handful of items like that, including a few seafood items. I like to call these “drop the baby” items, because the deal is so hot, that you drop everything and go to the store. 

Some people call these loss leaders. However, just because the item is sold below cost, it does not mean customers will...

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Using a red-light, green-light system to help consumers make better seafood choices is simple. Unfortunately, little about seafood sustainability is simple.

Seafood sourcing is complex. Aquaculture practices are complex. Wild fisheries management systems are complex. Knowing the health and biomass of a species, let alone the health of an entire ecosystem, is very complex and difficult to assess. 

In wild fisheries, haddock is usually a red- or yellow-list species. Haddock populations are...

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The most recent data on the most common causes of food poisoning is out and seafood looks to have dodged the media bullet from this report, but the danger of seafood-related illnesses is greater than ever. 

As a fishmonger, this headline may make one think that seafood is the safest food to eat. I think that is both true and untrue.  

One reason why chicken and beef cause more illnesses is because there are so many servings of chicken and beef eaten in the U.S. each...

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Costco strengthened its sustainability stand recently, and some of the interesting news was between the lines.

Costco made moves towards a sustainable seafood policy last year, and has put more teeth into its program. Costco will discontinue seven species of fish in its stores: Atlantic cod, shark, Atlantic halibut, bluefin tuna, swordfish, orange roughy and Chilean sea bass. Costco reaffirmed a commitment to sell responsibly sourced farmed salmon and tilapia and lauded two of its suppliers...

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