Michelle McNickle is the Content Editor for In addition to editing site content and working with bloggers, she runs the social media channels for, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Seafood Social & Shares covers seafood trends occurring on various social media platforms, as well as blogs and list pieces focusing on aquaculture, sustainability, health and more.



SeafoodSource is at it again and will be hosting a third Twitter chat on Wednesday, 15 April at 1 p.m. EST. After two successful previous Twitter chats, editors James Wright, Michelle McNickle and Sean Murphy will conduct a discussion looking at the mixed messages consumers receive regarding seafood, its health ebnefits and any potential health risks.

@SeafoodSource will pose four questions throughout the hour, and attendees are encouraged to answer with their feedback and opinions...

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On 19 February, editors James Wright, Sean Murphy and Michelle McNickle hosted @SeafoodSource's second Twitter chat. During the talk, we threw out four questions and gathered the most noteworthy coversations pertaining to seafood traceability and origin labeling. Check out the best responses below.


Q1. Do you think seafood origin should be posted wherever seafood is sold? #SfSchat

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After a successful first Twitter chat focusing on genetically modified salmon, SeafoodSource will be planning its second Twitter chat on Thursday, 19 February at 2 EST. During this time, join editors James Wright, Michelle McNickle and Sean Murphy in an hour-long discussion focusing on seafood traceability and origin labeling.

@SeafoodSource will pose four questions throughout the hour, and attendees are encouraged to answer with their feedback and opinions using the hashtag #SfSchat. After...

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Cargill is one of the world’s largest animal feed producers, and even though its aquaculture business is small compared to the company’s other divisions, it’s growing twice as fast, according to an article published in the Star Tribune.

In fact, with the global seafood demand growing, aquaculture is looking more and more like the answer to solving global food issues.

Given the industry’s bright future, Cargill is considering moving beyond just fish feed and operating fish farms, according to...

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When comparing aquaculture to land-based farming, it’s clear which the more environmentally responsible choice is. However, scrutiny remains over aquaculture, and it begs the question “Why?”

In the whitepaper, “Aquaculture’s Prominent Role in Feeding a Global Population,” contributors Michael Tlusty, Ph.D, director of Ocean Sustainability Science at the New England Aquarium and Neil Sims, co-founder of Kampachi Farms LLC, said this disconnect is due in part to terrestrial agriculture being...

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