SeafoodSource Senior Editor James Wright comments on seafood news from around the world, from the latest initiatives in sustainability and culinary trends to international trade regulations.

Kim Jong Un

Upon visiting salmon farms along the Naksan sea this weekend, North Korean leader Kim John Un praised the operations, saying his “shoulders naturally shook with joy” after seeing the fish.

According to a KCNA report, the communist nation’s leader expressed “great satisfaction” at the fish farms’ ability to recycle water in an incubation area for salmon to another location where rainbow trout are raised. The facilities, where 4.3 million salmon eggs are incubated annually, according to state...

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Japan Eel Catfish

Researchers at Kinki University in Japan, the school better known for its extensive efforts to raise bluefin tuna in captivity, have bred a catfish that tastes like unagi, the freshwater eel popular at sushi restaurants but declining in abundance.

This innovation is partly the result of increasing eel prices vaulting the product into delicacy status. In Maine’s glass eel fishery, prices for these tiny translucent creatures at times creeps into rare air, nearing USD 2,000 per pound. A great...

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New restaurants often need a concept, regarding either the food, the decor, the service or all of the above. Some take two concepts or ethnic cuisines and combine them.

The mashup is what two new fast-casual dining concepts — one in California and another to open next month in Colorado — have done. The unexpected Mexican-Japanese combination has resulted in the “sushi burrito,” which is essentially a large and portable sushi roll.

“Everyone just loves burritos,” Komotodo founder Alonzo...

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The expected 50-cent increase in American Samoa tuna canneries is putting one of the island’s U.S.-based packers in a bind. Tri Marine International’s chief operations officer told Radio NZ that the increase woud hurt its business.

Joe Hamby told the media outlet that labor costs in American Samoa — where minimum wage sits at USD 4.76 (EUR 4.19) per hour — are already higher than their competitors in Southeast Asia and that increasing costs will have a negative impact on its young business. A...

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Juvenile Sockeye Simon Fraser

A recent study by researchers at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, has shown that juvenile wild salmon heavily infected with sea lice were 20 percent less successful at finding and consuming food than fish with minimal louse infestations.

Lead author and doctoral biology student Sean Godwin said that one of the biggest problems with sea lice is the lack of information about the issue. Hence the study, which appears in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic...

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