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A Chinese newspaper report from October 2016 revealed a troubling and sticky trend sparking up across the country. The Beijing News reported that while episodes of gel-injected shrimp have been common over the past decade or so in China, in 2016, reports had increased in volume and prominence.

The shrimp most likely to be gel-infused were penaeus and tiger prawns, usually found in Southeast Asia, due to their larger size, said the newspaper. A worry among wholesalers and consumers of the shrimp is that instead of using the typical filling – a mix of collagen, animal skin and bones – more harmful materials are potentially being used.

“Even if what was injected was edible gel, which may not itself be harmful, who can guarantee that the process is aseptic?” said Liu Huiping, a member of the executive council of the Tianjin Aquatic Products Association, told the Beijing News.

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