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Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry. 

Hairycrab NL

An embarrassing episode for a Chinese online vendor of crabs has cast some doubt over the supervision of online sales of seafood in China.

As reported in the Peng Pai News, one of the country’s government-run newspapers, a consumer, Mr. Zhou, went to the press claiming 50 boxes of the premium-priced Hu Pin You brand mitten crab he bought as gifts were well below the weight advertised on online stores when he received the boxes at home and weighed them.

The Hu Pin You brand is packaged and...

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Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is widely acknowledged to be one of the fundamental issues preventing governments and regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) from achieving sustainable fisheries.

It can also have harmful impacts on sustainable development priorities such as food security, economic development and fighting organized crime.

A new study (Hosch, Gilles. 2016. Trade Measures to Combat IUU Fishing: Comparative Analysis of Unilateral and Multilateral...

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Waitrose, a major supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, has been championing greater fish consumption to its myWaitrose loyalty cardholders in a big way.

Its Fish Friday offer of a 20 percent price reduction on all fish and shellfish sold online and from its serviced fish counters has been running for some months now. But more recently it emailed a three-for-GBP 10 (USD 12.47, EUR 11.28) offer on selected Easy to Cook fish to customers on its MyWaitrose email list.

Waitrose promotes these...

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The newly signed free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada will see ties between Canadian seafood producers and exporters and European consumers become even stronger, with the tariffs on most products reduced to zero, a move that will facilitate lower prices and more choice in EU markets.

Following years of protracted negotiations, the long-awaited Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is now in place, having been officially signed off by Jean-Claude Juncker...

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Visitors flocking this autumn to the Beichen district of Tianjin –the port city an hour’s train ride from Beijing – are raving about a brand of seafood that’s been launched just for them. The Kao Hong Zun smoked rainbow trout is produced by a local cooperative of aquaculture farms who saw the potential of a wave of visitors coming to check out local rural trails and get away from the city swell. Also drawn by the scenery featured in a popular Chinese TV series shot here, tourists are able to...

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