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Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry. 

Fish and chips

Fish and chips are being dropped from catering menus in the UK at an alarming rate.

One of the most iconic British dishes when eating out, fish and chips has declined dramatically in popularity from third place in foodservice outlets in 2011, to eighth place today.

A study of 800 restaurants, pubs and hotels found that a quarter of these outlets are no longer offering fish and chips on their menus, but have replaced the former national favourite with salad dishes instead.

More than 50...

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China currency

Weak global economy and pricing, exchange rate volatility and rising domestic costs: the factors identified by authorities in Dalian for a fall-off in exports in the first half of the year. The city, one of China’s top whitefish processing hubs and increasingly a center for the imported seafood trade, saw exports at 256,000 tons down 0.17 percent year on year – that’s the first drop since 2008. But in value terms exports rose 4.9 percent to USD 920 million (EUR 812.7 million). Imports at...

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Banner For Top 25 2016 NL

Produced since 1999, the Top 25 North American Seafood Suppliers list (originally published in SeaFood Business magazine) is, perennially, our most-read story. Last year’s list continues to generate significant views – and now, we are happy to add to the legacy with this updated version of the list, which takes into account sales figures from 2015. Top 25 North American Seafood Supplier - Vol. 2

This year’s Top 25 North American Seafood Suppliers list is not a comprehensive list of North America’s top companies. Participation is purely...

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Smaller players in the Japanese seafood industry are getting squeezed. Supermarkets have been consolidating and increasing direct buying, cutting out layers of middlemen, such as the intermediary wholesalers in the Japanese public auction system.

Aeon, for example, is one of the largest supermarket chains outside of the USA and in the top 15 worldwide, with 11.5 percent market share of supermarket sales in Japan, followed by Ito-Yokado (7 percent). The Nikkei newspaper estimated that the...

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It’s coincidental (or fortunate timing perhaps) for its director Risteard Ó Domhnaill that the release of Atlantic, the thought-provoking film about (over)fishing off Ireland’s west coast, has coincided with the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

The film, which also compares E.U. fisheries policy (unfavorably) to the experience in Newfoundland, Canada and in Norway, explores one of the key reasons given for the success of the Brexit campaign: regaining control of national...

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