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Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry. 


2 Asia 2017 11) Trade war to hurt U.S. seafood exporters

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises to label China a currency manipulator and raise tariffs on Chinese imports. Even if implemented only partially, those moves will hurt U.S. seafood exports. Judging by China’s track record in recent years of using market access as a political tool – for a painful history lesson, just ask Norway’s salmon exporters – raising tariffs on Chinese goods would hurt exporters of food commodities in...

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Top 10 2016 NL

With 2016 wrapped and in the rearview mirror, we’re taking a final look back at the news stories that gripped the seafood industry over the past year on SeafoodSource.

From the latest restaurant trends and cutting-edge aquaculture technologies to gel-injected shrimp scandals and a massive algae bloom crisis, here are the stories that piqued the most interest among seafood professionals in 2016:

1 2016 Top 1010.) 

Kicking things off is one of seafood’s biggest acquisitions in 2016 – the Cooke...

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Top 10 seafood

This past year saw the seafood industry contend with a number of fundamental shifts in key markets.

Brexit swept the United Kingdom over the summer, and left fishers and businesses dealing out of the U.K., as well as those dealing to it, with an array of secession hurdles to overcome. Meanwhile, the United States elected its 45th president, business tycoon Donald Trump, in November 2016, leaving the fate of several seafood-related policies and trade agreements in question, mainly the...

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A challenge was put to a panel of five distinguished speakers at a recent “Come Dine with the Future” event that took place at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

The question they faced: “What food will be on the menu in 2050?”

Their answer, perhaps surprisingly: a lot of seafood. Specifically, salmon, mussels, lobster, crayfish, tilapia and seaweed.

Organized by the Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon Energy and Environment and the Royal Society of Biology, the event...

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China’s aquaculture producers will have to modernize or quit: that’s the stark warning from authorities in Hunan Province, who are closing down vast swathes of ponds in order to remedy a dire water pollution crisis.

Freshwater aquaculture production of higher-value species like crab had soared in the central Chinese provinces of Hunan and Hubei in recent years, but that now looks set to slide due to action by Changde City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, which says it’s trying to...

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