1 Truck Garbos1.) Garbo’s on the go: Lobster from Maine, Connecticut and Novia Scotia travels to Texas

The Garbo family name has been one with notoriety among the New England crowd, Garbo Lobster Enterprise having long been presenting the community with high-quality lobster from Maine, Connecticut and Novia Scotia.

For a spell, it even reached Key West, Florida, where Heidi Garbo opened and operated a food cart, “Garbo’s Grill.” And now, the Garbo name is becoming, literally, the word on the street – in Austin, Texas.

Food trucks bearing the Garbo name have gotten into the groove of selling seafood in perhaps the most renowned city for food trucks in the United States, treating hungry Texans to two distinct types of lobster rolls and homemade clam chowder that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

“We’re definitely known for our lobster rolls. We have two different kinds, the Maine style and the warm butter Connecticut version,” explained Heidi Garbo to SeafoodSource.

The Maine style lobster roll (USD 14; EUR 12.49) consists of mayonnaise, celery and lemon, and is served with house pickled vegetables and fries or sub-side salad. Meanwhile, the Connecticut (USD 14; EUR 12.49) is prepared using fresh lobster and butter, and is served on a toasted bun.

“The Connecticut always outsells the Maine two-to-one because if people have never had a lobster roll, they tend to just go with the butter version, a pure form of the lobster roll,” said Garbo. “If they’re new to having a lobster, the Connecticut version is a little more familiar to people because it’s literally just fresh lobster and really great butter and really great bread. The Maine is more adventurous I think for a lot of people.”

Alongside the dueling lobster rolls, Garbo’s also serves items like clam chowder (USD 8-15; EUR 7.14-13.39), which is New England-style and served with oyster crackers. “We make a homemade clam chowder, which everybody really likes. You can’t really get clam chowder anywhere else in Austin,” Garbo said.

Fish & Chips, Lobster Grilled Cheese and a Lump Crab Cake Sandwich also make up the menu for Garbo’s on the go. According to Heidi Garbo, doing fewer things and doing them well has been integral to the success of her seafood truck business. 

“You have to be consistent,” she said. “You do a couple things, and you do them really well and that’s it. For me, my end game was never a restaurant – I always loved the food trucks and driving around with people chasing you down.”


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