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Acme Smoked Fish Corp. has introduced three new products.

Expanding its Blue Hill Bay brand, the Brooklyn, N.Y., company has launched Rollmops and Homestyle Herring.

Pickled herring is traditionally flavored with mustard, sherry and dill and traditionally eaten with crisp or dark rye bread, akvavit or potatoes. Rollmops, a butterfly herring rolled around a dill pickle, may be served as an appetizer with boiled potatoes or garden-fresh onions.

Acme has left the healthy skin intact on both products to provide an authentic old world culinary experience and to deliver a mildly tangier taste. The company’s Homestyle Herring jars include the bone to keep its full flavor within the chuck.

Additionally, Acme now offers a new salmon sauce. The all-natural sweet mustard dill is preservative-free and certified Kosher.

Acme’s Sweet Mustard Dill sauce infuses a fresh twist on the classic sweet-dill pairing and is recommended for use as a marinade or condiment as well. Wholesale cases include 12 8.5-fluid ounce jars, with each jar offering a six-month shelf life.

Last week, Acme added King Salmon Jerky to its Ruby Bay smoked seafood line.

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