Chicken of the Sea Premium Select canned tuna

Chicken of the Sea has hired Perpetual Licensing, a New York and Los Angeles-based brand licensing agency, to help with the company’s plan to expand into other food and non-food offerings.

The agency will work with the company to extend the Chicken of the Sea brand into other food and food-related products. Such products could include soups, sandwich spreads or condiments.

“Food-related brand licensing has become more prevalent as consumers seek brands they know and trust in the grocery aisle,” said Todd Lustgarten, a partner at Perpetual Licensing. “The Perpetual team is excited to work with dedicated and innovative partners such as Chicken of the Sea to help build strategic licensing programs. In addition to food products, we also believe there is opportunity for non-food “badge” products that feature the iconic Chicken of the Sea Mermaid.”

Chicken of the Sea sells more than 250 million cans and pouches of seafood annually, including tuna, salmon, clams, shrimp and other seafood.

“Our products are a kitchen staple and consumed by millions of consumers every day,” said John Sawyer, senior VP of sales and marketing for Chicken of the Sea. “As we near our 100th anniversary, we believe the Chicken of the Sea brand can extend into many new product categories.”

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