John West traceable tuna

John West Foods has launched a new marketing campaign in the United Kingdom allowing customers to trace the origin on their tuna.

Each can bears a code that customers can enter into the John West website to find out where the fish was caught, the species of tuna and the name of the John West boat that harvested the fish.

The six-week, GBP 6 million marketing campaign includes a revamped website and two 30-second TV ads that debuted on Monday.

In the ads, a John West fisherman says, “At John West, we want you to know the story behind every can. That’s why you can now type this code into this website ans see exactly where your wild tuna came from.” A humorous scene follows, and the spots conclude with the fisherman saying, “John West: Discover the story behind every can.” The spots are titled “Dimitri’s Combover” and “Lucky Pete.”

The new ads come about two months after John West announced that it’s launching a range of pole and line-caught tuna products as part of a new commitment to source only fish harvested in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.

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