Skuna Bay Salmon Grieg

Skuna Bay Salmon on Thursday announced that its craft-raised salmon will be exclusively offered by wholesaler Fortune Fish Co. in the Chicago foodservice market.

“After our successful beginning in Los Angeles and the Southwest where we have developed relationships with the region’s best chefs, we felt it was time to expand into other regions known for demanding quality ingredients and where chefs are famous for giving their customers a great dining experience,” said Steward Hawthorn, managing director for Skuna Bay. “We expect Chicago’s discerning food lovers will appreciate the pride and attention that goes into Skuna Bay salmon as we have seen happen in other markets.”

“After touring the Best Aquaculture Practices-certified farms and processing facility of Skuna Bay, I was sold. Every farmer we spoke to was devoted to raising the finest salmon possible. Their dedication, stewardship and passion are incredibly evident in the flawless fish their deliver. We are extremely honored and excited to offer Skuna Bay in the Midwest,” said Mark Palicki, VP of marketing for Fortune Fish.

Hawthorne added that Fortune Fish was selected for its reputation for quality, sustainable sourcing and outstanding cold chain.

Skuna Bay, which is owned by Grieg Seafood, raises salmon in a pristine, environmentally sound manner and processes and handles the fish with extreme care.

Skuna Bay also recently partnered with The Aquarium of the Pacific’s Seafood for the Future program to educate Southern California chefs and consumers about responsibly sourced salmon.

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