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Salmon, tilapia and haddock are among the more than 50 items that Wegmans Food Markets is freezing prices on, the retailer announced on Thursday.

The Rochester, N.Y.-based company implemented a similar price freeze last February, and, as a result, absorbed more than USD 8 million in cost increases to hold prices on 40 items.

Citing a difficult economy, Wegmans is again freezing prices, effective 8 January to 28 April. Of the 52 items, 27 were on that original list and 25 items are new to the list.

“Customers wrote us, or stopped us in the store, to say how much easier it was to budget and shop knowing they could count on prices for an extended period of time. With that kind of feedback, there was no question that we would come back with another list, but we thought it was important to include what customers purchase at this time of year,” said Colleen Wegman, the company’s president.

“While we can’t freeze prices on every product we sell,” she added, “it’s important to say that beyond this list we will keep our prices low.”

The three seafood items on the list are Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Salmon, Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Tilapia and Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Haddock.

Wegmans operates 79 supermarkets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts.

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