QR code sushi

The Marine Stewardship Council announced London restaurant Moshi Moshi has put the world’s first QR-code sushi on its menu.

Moshi Moshi diners will be invited to “get the story behind their dish” by scanning edible QR-codes placed on individual pieces of sushi. This will take them through to specially-created content from the MSC. Each season, a new fish will be placed under the spotlight and promoted through this activity. The QR-codes are made from rice paper and squid ink so they can be scanned and then eaten.

Moshi Moshi owner Caroline Bennett was one of the first sushi restaurateurs to put MSC sustainability certification on menus, helping customers to make better decisions about where their food comes from.

“We’re very proud to have sold 10,000 pieces of MSC certified sustainable sushi over the past five years and wanted to reward customers, old and new, with something unique and exciting, something this scannable sushi undoubtedly is,” said Bennett. “Speaking to our diners we know that there is a huge interest in finding out more about where our seafood comes from and we’re hoping other restaurants follow suit in making it easy for customers to make positive choices with their food.”

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