High Liner's 1Q profit up, sales down

Canadian seafood company High Liner Foods has pledged to make sure 100 percent of its wild and aquaculture seafood products are caught sustainably by the end of 2013.

Right now, 60 percent of the company’s products already carry the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel.

“When you purchase High Liner products with the MSC ecolabel, you are helping to protect our oceans,” said Bill DiMento, High Liner’s corporate director of sustainability. “Our ocean-friendly products are another reason to feel good about serving High Liner seafood to your family.”

Last year, High Liner formed a partnership with the MSC to promote sustainable fishing, and the company has been involved in improvement projects for Russian pollock, Russian wild salmon, and North Atlantic cod.

“What makes High Liner’s commitment to seafood sustainability exceptional is that in addition to identifying suppliers who are already engaged in sustainable practices, High Liner has played a key role in encouraging and assisting fisheries around the world to become sustainable,” said MSC CEO Rupert Howes.

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