The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute this week issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a PR firm to lead a campaign to build awareness and support for its Responsibly Fisheries Management (RFM) sustainability certification program.

The contract would begin 29 November and the campaign will run during the first quarter of 2014. Proposals are due by 15 November.

Budget for the campaign is USD 500,000 (EUR 374,414).

In the RFP, ASMI criticizes third-party certification schemes, singling out the Marine Stewardship Council, as being too costly and neglect to recognize certifications of high-performing fisheries.

“Alaska fisheries management is far superior than the management of many fisheries with MSC certification,” ASMI wrote.

“The primary objective of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is to create a dynamic, market-driven environment to will expand the global consumption of Alaska seafood.

ASMI said it will be the responsibility of the PR agency to “convince seafood buyers, trade and consumers that Alaska salmon and all of Alaska seafood is the model of sustainability regardless of eco-labels.”

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