Researchers: Gulf seafood safe to eat

The Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition, which aims to showcase Gulf seafood on behalf of the entire industry, held its first meeting last week. The coalition represents fishermen, charter boat captains, seafood processors and wholesalers, retailers, chefs and tourism marketers from the five Gulf states.

The coalition, which is managed by the Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation through a USD 4.4 million grant, aims to provide a cohesive vision and develop strategies that expand the market share for Gulf of Mexico seafood.

The inaugural meeting provided the framework for coordinating seafood marketing efforts among the Gulf states with emphasis on working with tourism boards, retailers and chefs.

“There was excitement as all of the coalition members discussed plans for the future of the Gulf of Mexico and pledged, on behalf of their states, to work together to promote Gulf seafood,” said Mike Voisin, the coalition’s chairman. “Consumers will know that the Gulf of Mexico has beautiful, clean beaches and delicious seafood to enjoy – whether fishing from a charter boat or enjoying it at home or at a restaurant.”

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