Fish oil capsule

 Fishmeal and fish oil producing firm FF Skagen, along with two other companies, has been charged with forgery over alcohol-laced residue found in a batch of the company's fish oil, according to a statement from the company.

In the statement, Jens Borup, director of Skagen's board, apologized to customers and announced that the board has dismissed the company's administrating director, Morten Broberg.

"We are very sorry that we have disappointed our customers," Borup wrote. "We will now do our utmost to make sure that they regain the trust in us."

The company added the residue, a byproduct of the company's production of fish oil pills for human consumption, to fish oil products meant for fishmeal. The residue consists of fish oil and alcohol and, the company said, is illegal to use in this way.

Borup said "a veterinary control" first detected the residue's use, and reported it to the authorities, who then searched Skagen's property. The company is charged with using 3,200 tons of the residue.


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