MacKnight Smoked Salmon Infusions

Stephen Nicholson, director of culinary innovations for MacKnight Smoked Salmon, talked about the importance of sustainability at the European Seafood Exposition on Tuesday.

“We want people to look at us and ask, “What are they doing to make a difference?” said Nicholson.

MacKnight Smoked Salmon and its UK subsidiary, Grants Smoked Foods, are working on rolling out new eco-friendly, recyclable packaging for its fish to replace the EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging that it’s using now.

In fact, Sam’s Club is so impressed by MacKnight’s sustainability efforts that its in-house media department stopped by the Grants stand to capture footage for a documentary to be shown within the company. Sam’s Club is part of Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.

Innovation is also crucial to MacKnight’s success, emphasized Nicholson. For the fourth consecutive year, MacKnight is a finalist in the Seafood Prix d’Elite new products competition. The winners will be announced at European Seafood Exposition on Tuesday.

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