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Tri Marine International’s project to rebuild the Samoa Tuna Processors facility in Atu’u, American Samoa, has taken a major step forward.

The contracts for the construction of a new cold-storage facility have been signed. Construction will begin as soon as next month and is expected to be completed in less than a year. Pacific Engineering Projects will lead the project, with substantial involvement from local contractors.

The facility will cover nearly 40,000 square feet, with the capacity to store more than 5,000 tons of tuna. It will be highly energy efficient based on its design, construction and location. New, energy efficient refrigeration equipment will be installed, and the building panels and construction will provide maximum insulation to limit energy use.

The location and design as a component of the overall complex will allow fish to be unloaded from the tuna boats directly into a climate-controlled facility for sizing, sorting and storage. It will then be transferred to the cannery for processing without the need to ever go outside the facility or be transported on the road.

Based in Bellevue, Wash., Tri Marine is one of the world’s largest tuna suppliers.

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