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A California shellfish farming company is teaming up with a water filtration firm to clean seawater and feed stocks.

Catalina Sea Ranch, which recently received permission for a 100-acre shellfish farm off the California coast, will be using a filtration system provided by OriginOil.

The system has two purposes: removing impurities from seawater used in the farm, and harvesting algae to feed the shellfish nursery and selective breeding program.

“We are delighted with this partnership,” said Phil Cruver, CEO of Catalina Sea Ranch. “Southern California Marine Institute, where our shellfish nursery is located, has a sophisticated closed filtration seawater system, and we believe OriginOil’s A12 will help remove dissolved nitrogenous waste, biological contaminants such as algae and bacteria, and chemical contaminants such as heavy metals.”

Nicholas Eckelberry, chief research officer at OriginOil, said the company will use the partnership as an opportunity to test and validate the system, and help the ranch meet its needs at the same time.

“Here is a compact, high-efficiency solution to the dual problems of water cleanup and making inexpensive, high quality algae to feed nurseries and hatcheries,” he said. “We expect this program to get a lot of attention throughout the global seafood industry.”


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