aquaculture in scotland schools

West Highland College, Barony College and Scotland’s salmon, trout and shellfish industries are partnering to pilot an aquaculture program at secondary schools.

Starting this spring, school children from 14- and 16-years-old will be encouraged to register for a new course teaching career opportunities in fish and shellfish aquaculture. The “Access to Aquaculture” award will provide insight into fish and shellfish farming, the importance of health and animal welfare, and environmentally friendly aquaculture methods. Students will also benefit from work experience at a fish or shellfish farm near their school.

The project is funded by a European Fisheries Fund grant awarded by the Scottish government.

“We welcome the opportunity to work further with schools in the communities where our farms, hatcheries, freshwater and seawater sites are located, as it will enable young people to gain a recognized qualification,” said Lynn MacFarlane, training and human resources officer for Marine Harvest Scotland. “Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Our company is one of the largest, with operations in 21 different countries and 5,000 employees. The young people participating in these award could be on their first steps toward a rewarding life-long career.”

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