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The world’s largest farmed salmon company on Tuesday announced a reorganisation in an effort to “improve coordination, development of best practices and value creation.”

Marine Harvest ASA is changing the organisation from a geographic to a functional organisation comprising two business units: farming and sales and marketing. The new farming unit will be lead by Marit Solberg, managing director of Marine Harvest Norway.

The new group management team will consist of CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog, CFO Jørgen Andersen, Marit Solberg (COO of global farming) and Ola Brattvoll (COO of global sales and marketing). Corporate Development Director David Carnes, Communication Director Jørgen Christiansen and Technical Director Øyvind Oaland will report to the CEO.

The team will be located in Bergen, Norway, and the board is proposing at the annual meeting in May that the head office be moved from Oslo to Bergen. Marine Harvest will keep its office in Oslo with key corporate functions.

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