The newly formed Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) on Monday launched an international campaign against what is calls “Big Aquaculture.”

The campaign, “Salmon Farming Kills,” employs similar graphic imagery to the “Smoking Kills” campaigns against Big Tobacco and warns of the dangers of salmon farming. In February, the GAAIA will issue a new report on salmon, “Smoke on the Water, Cancer on the Coast,” followed by reports on shrimp, tuna and genetically engineered fish.

“Salmon farming kills around the world and should carry a global health warning,” said Don Staniford, global coordinator for GAAIA in British Columbia. “As good global citizens we need to face the fact that salmon farming seriously damages human health, the health of our global ocean and the health of wild fish. Salmon farming is spreading in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, the Faroes, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and now in Russia like a malignant cancer on our coasts. Quit salmon farming now and help stub out farmed salmon from the face of our precious planet.”

Staniford is publicizing the campaign at the Seafood Choices Alliance’s annual Seafood Summit, which takes place in Vancouver from Monday to Wednesday.

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