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In response to the recent moves by Carrefour and other grocery store chains in Europe to cease selling farmed pangasius, the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) has reinforced its support of responsible pangasius producers, declaring its intention to “set the record straight on a number of issues” surrounding the pangasius aquaculture industry.

Pangasius is a species capable of being farmed in a manner that is responsible and adheres to rigorous food-safety standards, GAA said in a press...

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A senior official in China’s leading exporting region has predicted a sharp increase in “technical barriers” on Chinese tilapia exports in 2017 and is advising producers to consolidate and focus on the domestic market.

In an address to producers, Qu Jiashu, the head of the Guangdong provincial office of the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, said tilapia exports are likely to fall again this year. Guangdong, a key producer of shrimp and tilapia, struggles from fragmentation and overuse of...

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Aquasend, a new company based in San Diego, California, U.S.A. is manufacturing alarm buoys for the aquaculture industry.

The solar-powered Aquadot alarm buoy monitors oxygen and temperature levels, performs water quality analysis and is capable of sending sends a mobile alert in case a problem arises via wi-fi or cellular networks. It is equipped with anti-fouling wipers and has parts manufactured by Precision Measurement Engineering that are designed to produce quality sensor stability...

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The Chilean salmon industry organization, Sernapesca, is investigating a massive fish die-off along the country’s southwestern coast.

Sernapesca is pointing to toxic algae as the cause of the fishkill in the Gulf of Penas, which was brought to its attention after a “massive mortality event” was reported in a shipment of smolts transported for their seeding at sea, as well as a cargo of salmon traveling for its harvest in Quellón.

Alicia Gallardo, deputy director of Aquaculture for Sernapesca...

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NZ king salmon

New Zealand king salmon farmers are experiencing a surge in demand as other key international markets continue to wrestle with sea lice infestations and the depleted stocks that tend to come with them, according to a report from News Now.

The country is expecting an “aquaculture boom” to soon take hold, especially when it comes to salmon, which the farmers say are protected from costly scourges like sea like and other parasites due to New Zealand's remoteness.

Demand for salmon is growing by...

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