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Brae, Scotland-based Blueshell Mussels has expanded its growing capacity after taking ownership of SI Seafarms, located in the Shetland Islands.

The takeover will give Blueshell Mussels an additional 1,500 metric tons of growing capacity, according to the Shetland Times.

“The sale of the business to Blueshell is in the best interests of SI Seafarms and its shareholders. Under Blueshell’s control, SI Seafarms will continue to thrive, support jobs in Shetland, and supply an increased quantity of...

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The top fishery official in China’s key tilapia exporting region has warned of a serious drop in exports in coming years due to quality issues.

Qu Jiashu, director of the Oceans and Fisheries Bureau in Guangdong, province has warned that “foreign technical barriers” to Chinese tilapia exports would increase in a climate of weaker demand, even though exports have not been seriously dented in 2016, he said.

In remarks posted on his bureau’s website, Qu also said that larger players have been...

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Logan River

If prawn hatcheries in Australia are unable to be revived following an outbreak of white spot disease, as much as a third of the industry could be wiped out, an executive with the Australian Prawn Farmers Association said.

A fifth property along the Logan River has detected the disease among its stock, and authorities remain unsure as to how contamination is spreading, according to a report in the Courier Mail. The latest contaminated site is four kilometers downriver from the farms...

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Farmers in Cà Mau Province, on the southern tip of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, have begun to breed the giant freshwater prawn, or Rosenberg shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergii), in rice fields and have earned excellent profits in recent years. One rice farmer said he made three times his annual rice crop profit from three months of farming the prawn.

Many of the catches are sold IQF into the U.S.A., but small amounts are flown in fresh to Europe for Christmas, where they fetch gigantic sums...

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Aquaculture Cellphone

NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) program has announced the launch of a Coastal Aquaculture Planning Portal (CAPP), a tool designed to assist in the planning and siting of sustainable coastal aquaculture facilities.

Developed in partnership with the Office of Coastal Management’s Digital Coast team, CAPP features more than 20 tools that have specific applications for planning and siting of aquaculture operations and industries. It was specifically designed to assist...

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