Friend of the Sea has certified red drum and goldlined seabream farmed by Ferme Marine de Mahebourg of Mauritius (FMM) as sustainable.

The company's two farm sites are located on the eastern coast of the Island of Mauritius close to Pointe aux Feuilles within a sheltered lagoon that surrounds the island between the coast and a coral reef.

The two sites were selected after extensive surveys and an environmental impact assessment to ensure excellent water quality while protecting the environment. Both sites are approximately 3 kilometers from the coast where the water depth is 25 meters and where the current is driven by the prevailing trade winds. Cages are checked daily for maintenance, preventing any possible escapes.

The fish are fed at regular intervals during the day using Friend of the Sea-certified sustainable feed from Coop Agricole Le Gouessant. The feed is certified free from all artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients.

The company has a state-of-the-art hatchery producing up to 2 million fingerlings annually on a closed system to ensure bio-security of the operations. The hatchery operations are geared toward the quality of the product in strict compliance guidelines pertaining to organic fish farming.

"A key consideration in all aspects of our company is to protect and enhance the environment to ensure the long-term future of the business," said Graham Benjamin, processing and marketing manager of FMM. "For this reason, and in order to have international recognition of our environmental conservation efforts, we have undergone Friend of the Sea audit for certification."

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