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Salmon aquaculture firm Marine Harvest has joined up with a leading wetland conservation group in a new agreement to help protect areas in and around the Georgia Basin in British Columbia, Canada.

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Marine Harvest recently signed a new memorandum of understanding to work together on preserving the habitat. The agreement allows both parties to share equipment, information and technical assistance to help monitor the wetlands.

"It's a great opportunity to have fish and wildlife work together,” said Les Bogdan, director of regional operations for Ducks Unlimited in British Columbia and boreal. “Areas that are important to waterfowl are important to fish too, so these joint projects will be able to have an even greater benefit to the environment."

The five-year agreement also includes partnerships on choosing conservation projects, and other tasks.

"We are very pleased to partner with DUC and looked forward to many years of important collaboration," says Vincent Erenst, managing director at Marine Harvest. "Our business of growing salmon relies on maintaining a healthy coastal environment, and that objective aligns well with the values at DUC."

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