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Sea Pact has announced that grant money will be distributed this month to four organizations doing work in seafood sustainability.
“Through the Sea Pact funding model we’re able to support and encourage four innovative projects we feel will have a measurable impact on the future of our industry,” said Logan Kock, Sea Pact advisory committee chair.

The four projects selected to receive funding are:

Panamanian Mahi Mahi FIP: funding will be used to build a fisheries monitoring program to understand biological aspects of mahi mahi and interactions of the fishery with other species. This project is being spearheaded by CeDePesca, an NGO based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
that focuses on sustainable fisheries improvement projects, research and training activities.

Pelagic Trawl Gear Improvement Project: funding will be used to help demonstrate that alternative trawl gear configurations with less habitat impact can land higher quality fish more quickly and with significantly lower fuel costs. Led by Fathom Consulting, a small fisheries consulting firm based in Monterey that works on fishery improvement projects that advance both fishery and conservation goals. Their clients include the Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund and NOAA.

Mexican Grouper FIP: funding will be used to develop a credible FIP that would be recognized by the Conservation Alliance for Sustainable Fisheries and would prepare the fishery to achieve full Marine Stewardship Council certification. Projected outcomes include stabilizing the Mexican grouper fishery, maintaining livelihoods for fishermen and fish workers, and potentially increasing benefits from a better market niche.

The NFI's Crab Council: funding will be used to supply equipment and training for assessing crab enhancement efforts in the Philippines blue swimming crab fishery, mainly through a tagging and tracking project.

A project under the new venture funds, Albion Fisheries, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, Ipswich Shellfish Group, Santa Monica Seafood, Seacore Seafood and Seattle Fish Co. are the founding members of Sea Pact. With New Venture Fund and receives sustainability counsel from non-profit organizations FishWise and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

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