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The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) announced on Monday that the next fisheries to go through third-party assessments by Global Trust Certification Ltd. will be halibut and sablefish. These fisheries assessments will be completed by April, said Randy Rice, ASMI’s technical program director. Pollock, groundfish and crab will be done next year.

“Customers have asked for third-party certification for all fisheries. This is independent assurance that Alaska fisheries are doing what they say they’re doing,” said Ray Riutta, ASMI’s executive director. “Despite our track record, the simple fact is that we still have to have a third party to validate it.”
An eco-label and licensing fees are not attached to the certification, which validates that the fisheries are following the Food and Agriculture Code and Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries Management.

It was announced last week that the salmon fishery is the first to go through the third-party assessment process by Global Trust, which is based in Ireland.

“There is not always consensus on what ‘sustainability’ means, but there is consensus is that it must first start with responsible fishery management. This is the immediate goal,” added Rice.


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