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The Ocean Stewards Institute elected its first board of directors. The board consists of Brian O'Hanlon, president of Snapperfarm; Neil Sims, president of Kona Blue Water Farms; Patricia Parisi, communications manager of King's Seafood Co.; Chris Beattie, product manager of Skretting; Sean O'Scannlain, president and CEO of Fortune Fish Co.; and David Tze, managing director of Aquacopia Capital Management.

"The representation of the board truly shows the scope of the emerging industry, which...

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When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed five farmed-seafood species from China on import alert last June, many consumers believed Chinese seafood was unsafe to eat.

But that perception did not match reality, said Matt Fass, president of Maritime Products International in Newport News, Va., during the annual "SeaFood Business Summit: Improving the Safety of Farmed Seafood," held yesterday at the International Boston Seafood Show.

When the mainstream media ran wild with the story...

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New products, new customers, new buzzwords. The International Boston Seafood Show, which opened yesterday without a hitch despite Friday's blinding snowstorm, always delivers something new for seafood buyers and suppliers. One constant over the years is talk of consolidation, and, according to one high-ranking seafood executive, 2008 is no exception.

"More than likely, as the seafood industry continues to mature worldwide and the marketplace becomes ever more global, we can expect firms to...

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Exxon should pay the damages it owes as a result of the Valdez oil spill in 1989, says the National Fisheries Institute of McLean, Va.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments surrounding the $2.5 billion dollar punitive damage verdict against Exxon.

"Alaska's fishing industry and the broader seafood communities were impacted by the devastating effects of the spill nearly two decades ago," said NFI president John Connelly in a prepared statement. "From Alaska's iconic salmon to...

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Major fish stocks around the world could collapse within decades due to global warming, pollution and overfishing, United Nations officials said last week.

"You overlay all of this and you are potentially putting a death nail in the coffin of the world fisheries," Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program, said at a news conference in Monaco.

In a report released on Friday, new research shows rising ocean surface temperatures and other climate changes are disrupting an undersea...

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