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Fourteen U.S. and Canadian conservation organizations partnered yesterday to form the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and released a set of recommendations to help companies develop and implement a sustainable seafood purchasing policy.

Dubbed "Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood," the recommendations identify six actions companies can take to ensure the seafood they buy is sustainable.

"Our Common Vision outlines an ambitious but realistic path toward...

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The sustainable seafood movement is gaining a foothold throughout the U.S. seafood supply chain, even though it's still in its infancy, according to a report Seafood Choices Alliance released yesterday.

Titled The U.S. Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood: Are We Hooked Yet?, the report found that 37 percent of U.S. wholesalers, chain restaurants and supermarkets stopped purchasing certain seafood items in 2007 due to environmental concerns, up from 20 percent in 2001.

The report also...

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Marine Harvest Canada of British Columbia has joined the Tsolum River Restoration Society, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Comox-Stratchcona Regional District and the City of Courtenay to help protect wild salmon and trout by building two bridges over Towhee Creek on Courtenay's regional fairgrounds.

The bridges will protect the creek bed, which provides a winter and rearing habitat for coho and trout. Marine Harvest donated $6,000, to the costs required for the bridges.

"This is an...

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Shaw's Crab House, with restaurants in Chicago and Schaumburg, Ill., announced yesterday that its customers can now mail order Alaska red king crab from the Bering Sea.

The crab legs are packaged in a thermal cooler and include a brochure with handling and cooking instructions, cooking tongs, bibs and napkins.

Shaw's ships the orders in 5-pound increments: 5 pounds for $115, which serves 4 people; 10 pounds for $215; and 20 pounds for $420, plus tax and shipping. Orders can be placed...

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Members of Beijing's Fisheries Trade Association will forego sales profits until June in an effort to curb rising food prices prior to the Olympics, the newly formed group announced on Friday.

The 500 members of the FTA, under the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce, vow to supply the Olympic dining halls with 3,000 metric tons of product at cost. The move will cost fish traders an estimated $29 million.

Xu Heyan, chairman of the association, told the China View the group hopes to...

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