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U.K.-based frozen food giant Iglo Group unveiled plans to double the size of the company by 2020.

CEO Elio Leoni Sceti said “his new strategy aims to transform perceptions of frozen food and consumer behavior through innovation and a new approach to marketing.” To help with this goal, Iglo appointed Havas Worldwide as its global brand positioning and advertising agency.

“We are entering an exciting new ear for Iglo Group that will focus on creating better meals together for our consumers. Innovation will be key, I want to make Iglo Group and ‘innovation machine’ that creates great new products that cater to a wider audience and meals that we don’t currently serve,” said Sceti.

“I want to shift consumer perceptions and behavior by changing the consumer view of frozen food from desperation to inspiration. The appointment of Havas as our as our new marketing agency and the new strategy will be central to this. Creation of a digital hub will also make sure we are where today’s consumers are and we’re there when they ask ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’”

In addition, the group’s Forever Food program will be given a more prominent position within the new approach.

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