Last week, Seafood Barcelona showed off a collection of new products and trends, many of which have not yet been introduced in supermarkets.

Among the innovations were new flavors, such smoked salmon with soy and wasabi, launched by the company Benfumat. The company's sales director explained to SeafoodSource that these products where launched at the beginning of the year, that they are being well received and the company will keep developing new types of flavored salmons.

Products with a special and different touch, such as lobster sauce of the company Maresmar, also debuted at the show. The company's marketer, Mirella Lázaro, told SeafoodSource that the line includes five new lobster sauce products at affordable prices. She explained what trends drove the company in this direction. "We are now following the development trend of IV and V range dishes, dishes for the microwave, people want to eat quickly and well, also providing these recipes with a touch of glamour, as they are always very simple."

Pesasur showed of its premium products with the launching of almadraba tuna traditionally canned in olive oil. Mario Orlando, exports director and CEO of the company, explained their target markets: "We wanted to identify our production with an elite product, for gourmets and reserved for high-quality restaurants," he said. The company will keep studying new developments, he said, but always linked to core business.

Other innovations include convenience products that make preparation easier, like tapas of cod presented by the company Bacallaneries Ràfols, or white clam frozen with garlic butter sauce made by the firm Aquatex Bente.

Finally, there was also news in machinery. The company Balzo presented its new drying tunnel, used to dry cans, boxes, trays and other products with its continuous drying system.


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