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Ray Hilborn

Media reports that incorrectly report facts about overfishing, seafood sustainability and the state of the world’s oceans are the target of a recently-launched initiative.

The Collaborative for Food from Our Oceans Data (CFOOD) brings together a group of scientists and international experts in fisheries management to “gather data from around the world and maintain fisheries databases while ensuring seafood sustainability discussions in the media reflect ground-truth science,” according to a...

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Matt Granger

Sydney, Australia-based Matt Granger believes he has eaten the most bizarre seafood – and the best sushi – in the world. And he should know. As a professional photographer and photography instructor, he has traveled the globe for several years, eating his favorite seafood along the way.

Now, he is documenting his strange and wonderful seafood experiences around the globe on the YouTube channel, “World’s Best Seafood.” SeafoodSource caught up with Granger to find out about his best and worst...

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Chris Mitchell

A planned full-scale aquaculture production facility in Northern Australia, Project Sea Dragon, will be the largest land-based prawn farming operation in the country. Sea Farms Group in Perth, Australia, is leading the project, which will produce black tiger shrimp for export.

SeafoodSource recently caught up with Chris Mitchell, the group’s executive director, to discuss the new project.

Blank: Please describe Project Sea Dragon and when production will begin.

Mitchell: The project is...

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Derek Figueroa

The Sustainable Seafood Calculator is unlike any other tool available to track the sustainability of seafood species. Developed by Denver, Colo.-based Seattle Fish Co. and FishChoice, and using Seafood Watch information, the free web site and app allows seafood buyers to determine the sustainability of the species they are buying. It also identifies alternative species – and information on Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) if the species is overfished or is unsustainable. The app was...

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Ralph Brennan

Ralph Brennan, owner of Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group in New Orleans, La., is a legend in not only the New Orleans restaurant industry but also in the U.S. restaurant industry. As past president and chairman of the National Restaurant Association, and past president of the Louisiana Restaurant Association and the New Orleans Restaurant Association, Brennan strongly advocates for the Gulf seafood industry and the U.S. seafood industry.

SeafoodSource recently caught up with Brennan to discuss...

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A U.S. dock-to-restaurant seafood service has quickly grown since its inception in 2008 to serve more than 1,000 restaurants nationwide. Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Sea to Table works with a number of small fisheries across the United States to ship their catch directly to chef partners, including restaurants and campus foodservice operations, such as Yale University and the University of California. Sea to Table also provides seafood for home meal delivery services, such as Plated.


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Nordic Group

Boston, Mass.-based Nordic Group USA, a division of Nordic Group SA in Norway, continues to grow its salmon, cod and haddock business, thanks to the strong U.S. dollar and attractive Norwegian salmon pricing.

In addition, the company recently hired Frank Bodin, former CEO of The Hadley Company, as vice president. Bodin, who was also vice president at American Seafood and Frionor Asia, brings new foodservice contacts and other benefits to Nordic Group.

SeafoodSource talked with Terje Korsnes...

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Tony McPhail

After the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Gulf restaurateurs, seafood suppliers, processors and others took their message nationwide: the Gulf seafood supply is still very safe and plentiful. At events on Capitol Hill and at the James Beard House, along with numerous media stories, the committed industry representatives continued to sound the message over the next few years.

Now, 10 years later, Americans’ love for Gulf seafood and Cajun/ Creole flavors is at an all-time high. While the demand...

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Mike Nelson

Restaurants in New Orleans – and the rest of the U.S. – are competing for the same supply of Gulf oysters, which have risen in price over the last two years over increased demand and lack of supply.

SeafoodSource recently caught up with Michael Nelson, executive chef at GW Fins, a premier seafood restaurant in New Orleans that serves around 400 guests daily during the week and more on weekends. Nelson reveals oyster sourcing challenges as well as how the restaurant keeps its menu fresh and...

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Nell Halse

As one of the largest global aquaculture companies with annual sales of nearly USD 1 billion, Blacks Harbor, New Brunswick-based Cooke Aquaculture has no plans to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it is looking to vertically integrate its farming capacity in Chile, and has recently expanded its European and U.S. presence.

SeafoodSource recently caught up with Nell Halse, VP of communications for Cooke, to discuss how the company continues to expand its global reach and grow its True North...

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