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The Bangladeshi government is contemplating putting the shrimp industry under the watch of International Labour Organization (ILO) to ensure labor rights and avoid allegations sometimes raised by shrimp importing Western countries.

“We have sought stakeholders’ opinion after being advised by the commerce ministry to put the shrimp industry under ILO’s watch. If the labor rights issues are monitored by the ILO, the U.S. or European states won’t raise any question to offer any facilities,” joint secretary of ministry of fisheries Shamsul Kibria told the Financial Express.

Bangladesh on 24 January, for the third time, attended a hearing at the office of the United States Trade Representatives (USTR), as the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) earlier filed a petition at the USTR office alleging that laborers in the apparel and frozen food sector are not allowed trade union and child labors are working there.

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