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The Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition, an organization dedicated to promoting U.S. Gulf of Mexico seafood products, has named The Food Group, Edelman and Zehnder Communications for its integrated marketing, public relations and branding efforts.

The Food Group will be responsible for strategic planning, the development of the coalition’s consumer and member website, as well as culinary, foodservice and consumer programs and events.

Edelman will handle media and public relations activities, including the development of a news bureau of ongoing outreach, trade shows, crisis communication, spokesperson training and website content for consumer and media.

Zehnder Communications is responsible for the coalition’s brand platform and creative execution, web design and social media outreach.

The agencies will work together for the next three years to meet the coalitions core goals of providing a cohesive vision and overarching initiatives to showcase Guld seafood, becoming the ultimate media source for up-to-date information about the Gulf and increasing consumer demand for Gulf seafood.

“We are honored to have three reputable marketing, public relations and branding agencies as partners to strengthen the Gulf States’ efforts to promote Gulf Coast Seafood,” said Mike Voisin of Motivatit Seafoods in Houma, La., who’s the coalition chairman. “All three agencies impressed us with their creativity, deep media relationships and marketing experience, as well as ambitious strategic planning.”

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