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An unusual marketing campaign from the Norwegian Seafood Council involving commercials featuring interpretive dancers pretending to be sushi is paying off, if the ads’ popularity is any indication.

Videos featuring the dance group, which calls itself “The Human Sushi,” have appeared on YouTube, and have pulled in a significant number of viewers from Norway, Japan and the U.S., drawing comments on the popular video-sharing site ranging from “crazy” to “cute.”

“We work to increase the popularity and awareness of sushi in general and fresh Norwegian salmon sushi in particular. In this case our colleagues in Norway also wanted to promote our Norwegian consumer website,” says Henrik V. Andersen, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Japan and Korea.

According to the council, the videos, which have only been up on the site for about three weeks, have already registered 400,000 downloads.

The videos feature depictions of Nama Salmon Nigri, Nama Salmon Sashimi and Prawn Maki, and are part of a larger campaign to increase the online presence of Norwegian seafood brands.

“I doubt the dances will reach the same global popularity as salmon sushi, but then again it has been 30 years since we introduced Nama Salmon Sushi to Japan, so we’ll just have to wait and see,” Andersen said.

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