Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry.

Published on
August 17, 2017

There’s lots of money seeking opportunities in China’s food sector: that’s easy to see from the various conferences and networking nights in Beijing and Shanghai, where a plethora of cashed-up Chinese (and some international) venture capital companies size up potential agriculture or food distribution opportunities. 

Food is a conundrum for venture capitalists who see the rise in consumption of every protein and high value … Read More


Jewel Fraser

Published on
August 16, 2017

When Trinidad and Tobago received a yellow card from the European Union last year for illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, the country's government was motivated to take steps to remedy one of the problems plaguing the twin island nation’s fishing industry for decades.

However, the yellow card served to highlight systemic problems with the management of Trinidad and Tobago's fisheries that has led to important fish stocks bein… Read More

Published on
August 14, 2017

A major shift in global trade is underway. 

While much of the global business world’s attention has been directed at the United States and its increasingly protectionist policies under President Donald Trump, China has continued to pursue an aggressive trade internationalization aimed at making it the dominant player in seafood trading both in Asia and internationally.

Five factors in particular will determine whether China will achiev… Read More


Nicki Holmyard

Published on
August 10, 2017
Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival

Fighting increasing competition for attention amongst other proteins – especially chicken – seafood companies are seeking novel ways to promote their products. In particular, they are keen to entice members of the millennial generation to eat more seafood.

Industry body Seafood Scotland recently tackled the issue with a series of pop-up events in Glasgow and London, that paired Scottish beers with a seafood menu designed to overturn t… Read More


Christine Blank

Published on
August 9, 2017

Customers, shareholders and others were heard praising’s USD 13.7 billion (EUR 11.7 billion) acquisition of Whole Foods Market when it was announced back in June. 

The potential seismic shifts in store for the grocery sector at the other end of such a massive merger seemed endless, with food suppliers and consumer groups eagerly anticipating what could possibly come next. They didn’t have to wait long. 

Amazon soo… Read More


Aaron Orlowski

Published on
August 8, 2017

Trawling accounts for 20 percent of global fish landings, provides food for millions of people and is among the fishing methods most criticized by conservationists.

A new study that puts numbers to the impact of trawling, however, finds that some types of trawls cause significantly more damage to the seabed than others. Additionally, the most common type of trawl – otter trawling – has a lower environmental impact.

Fishermen use botto… Read More

Published on
August 7, 2017

Foreign diplomats in Beijing are angling to entice China into a trade deal that will give their individual countries an edge in trade. For the world of seafood, this could mean the elimination of duties of up to 25 percent – a huge advantage in what has become the world’s top seafood consumer by total volume.

China currently has a free trade deal with 15 countries, including Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica in Latin America; Iceland and Sw… Read More


Chris Loew

Published on
August 1, 2017

On 2 July, Japan celebrated Octopus Day – which didn’t take much coercion for most of the population in this seafood-mad country.

In Kansai, which includes Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe – as well as Akashi, the birthplace of tako-yaki – people get in to the spirit. Denizens of those regions celebrated the day by eating such dishes as octopus sashimi; a vinegared salad of cucumber, octopus and wakame seaweed; or tako-yaki (octopus … Read More


Madelyn Kearns

Published on
July 31, 2017

The year is over halfway through, and already it has brought about some defining moments for the seafood industry. 

Newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump kicked 2017 off by withdrawing from the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), and has thrown some curveballs to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) during his first several months in office. 

Meanwhile, tilapia farmers from around the world have been look… Read More

Published on
July 21, 2017

China is winning a scramble among Asian countries to get to the top of the seafood production pyramid.

Three major factors are helping China in its efforts: A subsidized, rapid expansion effort to get into regional markets, allowing the country to gobble up supply and more easily sell value-added products abroad; a surprisingly resilient domestic economy has kept domestic demand for seafood high; and its own frustratingly complex – and ofte… Read More