Optimized Production and Distribution: 5 Keys to Staying Ahead


Seafood processors must provide the freshest products to meet consumer and regulatory demands, while cutting production costs to maximize narrow margins. Processed and value-added seafood products are on the rise, and today’s leading seafood companies require the right processes and technology to address these high-volume, complex and shifting needs. 

Don’t swim against the current. Acess this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How consumer demands for more processed and value-added seafood is affecting the industry
  • The hidden costs (and benefits) of value-added processing
  • Best practices for streamlining repack operations and production processes using multiple-output BOMs
  • How to optimize production of by-products to minimize waste and improve profits
  • Why improving distribution with route optimization and fleet management is top of mind with today’s leading seafood executives

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