Making the Case for Sustainably-Certified Russian Salmon


Russia harvests approximately five million metric tons of seafood annually, making it the fifth-largest producer of seafood in the world. The country is responsible for 45 percent of wild-caught salmon globally, with the Russian Far Eastern regions of Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island generating 80 percent of its wild salmon harvest.

As demand for sustainably-certified seafood options have soared in the United States, companies like The Fishin’ Company, Gorton’s, and High Liner Foods are looking to Russia to help fulfill the demand for wild and sustainable salmon.

Join The Fishin’ Company Director of Sustainability Justin Baugh, Gorton’s Senior Manager of Seafood Procurement Stu Hudson, and High Liner Foods Vice President of Corporate Sustainability and Government Affairs Bill DiMento, along with ForSea Solutions President Natasha Novikova, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in sourcing Marine Stewardship Council-certified salmon from the Russian Far East.