Lessons Learned from One of the Seafood Industry’s Top Marketing Teams


According to Jennifer Bushman, a strategic development consultant with her Route to Market firm, which has worked on marketing campaigns for top aquaculture brands including Verlasso, Pacifico, Kvarøy Arctic, and Riverence, marketing innovation is a remarkable thing to see in action. A well-conceived and -operated campaign has the potential to singlehandedly put a brand on a map, get the coverage in media, and ignite social media feeds. But the seafood industry – and particularly aquaculture – faces specific hurdles in connecting with consumers in a meaningful and lasting way. Join Bushman, Elemental MKTG Founder and CEO Heather Barbod, Fat Moon Creative Founder and CEO Cora Hirashiki, and Addis Agency Partner Mark Galbraith as they explore the lessons they’ve learned on their work that has found a way to resonate in some cases and miss on others.