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Aquasoja is the name of the brand in the business área of aquaculture and is integrated in the company Sorgal. This business area of excellence is focused on foreign markets. It exports over 80% of its production and primary foreign markets are Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Albania and Poland. Aquasoja presents feed solutions for species such as Gilthead Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Salmonids, Turbot, Shrimp, Sturgeon, Catfish and Tilapia. The production capacity is based on studies developed together with highly recognised universities, enabling network innovation. Therefore, this business area is at the frontline of the main tendencies in the aquaculture sector. In addition, this business is actively involved in maritime economy, namely through the use of fishmeal which is produced during the recovery of by-products from the fish processing industry.



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Estrada 109 Lugar da Pardala
S. João OVR

Telephone: 351256581100
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CROMA arises from the need for anutritional approach to match the colour of sea bream produced in aquacultureto its natural colour in the wild, thereby improving its acceptance andappreciation among end consumers. Farm-raised sea bream, deprived of itsnatural sources of pigments, has a more greyish colour compared to wild seabream. Consumers usually see this lack of natural colour as a compromise inquality. CROMA’s formula has raw materials of marine and plant origin which arerich in natural pigments, namely xanthophylls, which enhance the sea bream’snatural colours. In addition, the inclusion of highly palatable marineingredients such as fish oil, shrimp meal or squid meal will, in turn, boostthe fish’s sensory characteristics.


Y+ contains a set of 100 percent natural ingredients that helpstrengthen the animal immune system, reducing the risk of illnesses that arenormally associated with adverse external factors, such as manipulations,vaccination and sudden environmental changes, among others.