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Aptar Food + Beverage manufactures premium packaging systems and processing equipment for seafood and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Our SeaWell protective packaging systems feature patent pending technology to preserve high value seafood products. SeaWell packaging extends the shelf life of fresh and frozen seafood, increases visual appeal, absorbs odors, expands geographical markets for seafood processors, reduces cross-contamination in the kitchen, and reduces bacteria to make food safer. In addition to its SeaWell technology, Aptar Food + Beverage offers custom packaging solutions that encompass a range of absorbent packaging trays, pads, pouches, retail and mini containers, combined with proprietary semi-automatic and automatic slicing equipment to increase in-plant efficiencies. Our engineers work with customer to develop a complete, full-integrated system to extend freshness and enhance safety for seafood and fresh-cut produce.


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125 Westlake Parkway
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Web: http://www.aptarfoodprotection.com
Telephone: 404-344-0796
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SeaWell Protective Packaging Systems

SEAWELL™ is a unique, integrated technology that protects and preserves customers' high-value seafood products.This patent-pending innovation provides a range of benefits, including:• Promotes freshness• Increases visual appeal• Absorbs odors and excess fluids• First-of-its-kind active packaging solution• Expands geographic markets for seafood processors• Reduces cross-contamination in the kitchen• Reduces bacteria count to make food saferSee us at Booth #2271.www.aptarfoodprotection.com