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Company Description:

Aquachile is a salmon company, that was established in the 1980´s and is own by Agrosuper holding. The company owns and manages hatcheries, wich produce 100% of the Atlantic, Coho and Trout smolts that, upon reaching certain weight are shipped to the sea farm. We have 6 state of the art processing plants where we process all our 230.000 MT of the 3 species. Aquachile is 100% Vertically Integrated with our own Broodstock, Growing Sites, Processing Plant, Feed Plant and our Commercial Officesin USA, mexico, Japan, Italy, China and Chile.


Fin Fish, General Category, Salmon, Salmon-Atlantic, Salmon-Pacific, Tilapia, Trout, Aquaculture/Farm-Raised

Location & Contact Information:

Av. Diego Portales No. 2000 Piso 8
Puerto Montt

Telephone: + 56 652 484 700
Contact email: [email protected]