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The world of food is a finer place with Budenheim. For more than 100 years, we have provided the best ingredients and strictest quality control to bring healthy food on the table every day. Budenheim is part of Dr Oetker group. It operates most modern and environment-friendly production sites globally, and has a workforce of more than 1.000 employees. With a skilled team of experts who are always on site, to develop cutting-edge solutions.


Coatings, Condiments & Seasonings, Additives/Ingredients, Preservatives

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Rheinstraße 27

Web: http://www.budenheim.com
Telephone: +34976178412
Fax: +34961479151
Contact email: [email protected]


ALTESA® NEO is a range of products from Budenheim which are intented to be used for seafood applications to stabilize moisture, improve texture and provide juiciness without altering their natural colour and flavour.

It is tipically used by dipping.


ALTESA®READY is Budenheim's line of liquid moisture management agents. They improve juiciness and color, maintaining natural texture and flavor in any type of seafood.  ALTESA®READY is easier to use, reducing time productions and costs. 


BeNATUR® is the new product range from Budenheim, to be used as an alternative to phosphates and carbonates for binding water in any seafood product, maintaining the nutritional value and improving texture and juiciness.

BeNATUR® ingredients are derived by a natural process, there is nothing artificial in them and are 100% all natural.*

* U.S. FDA approved, complying with FDA natural policy.

CARNAL® 659S Advanced

CARNAL® 659S Advanced is the most innovative ingredient in our portfolio. It will satisfy the most demanding palates with natural color, aroma, mouth-watering taste, juiciness, and an exquisite distinctive crunchy texture has made CARNAL 659S a leader in the market. Now we introduce, CARNAL® 659S Advanced; an improved, even more sustainable product.


CARNAL® HQ- PEEL 236 improves the quality and efficiency of the mechanical peeling of cooked cold-water shrimp.

CARNAL® HQ- PEEL 236 will help you achieve an excellent peeling with a greater number of whole segments and no traces of shell. It will also help to mantain a succulent and attractive appearance important for the final consumer.

It is the essential product for processing cold-water shrimps.


DOSIPLUS®  is a range of products which improve taste, texture, and juiciness of the giant squid and other species with high levels of ammonium compounds. It considerably improves flavour, texture and aroma stopping the dehydration occurred during handling and marketing.


NOMELAN® family of products provide an effective and safe protection against black spot in crustaceans.

NOMELAN® is the ideal solution to guarantee an effective and long lasting protection with low residue. Likewise it maintains its natural shine, taste and colour. These are highly valued by the end consumers.


OCTOPLUS® is a product specially designed for cooking octopus. Its application by immersion prior cooking is very simple. It significantly reduces cooking losses, enhances its colour and provides better texture.


PARAZIMA®  is the most effective solution against black-spot that does not contain sulphites. It is currently the best alternative to sulphites available in the market.