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For over 75 years, Bettcher has been a leading provider of innovative meat and seafood processing equipment. Its machinery and equipment are designed to increase product yields, improve product appearance and price, and increase worker productivity in food processing plants and foodservice establishments. Bettcher's product offerings to the seafood industry include equipment for slicing, skinning, portioning, breading and frying. It was the pioneer and remains the clear market leader in powered hand-held trimmers for precision-slicing and upgrading fresh salmon. Its automatic breading machines deliver consistent coating coverage while saving on ingredients costs. Headquartered in Ohio, Bettcher Industries has manufacturing facilities and administrative offices in the USA, Europe, Brazil and China. Its products are sold in more than 70 countries throughout the world.


Processing/Processing Equipment, Coating/Battering/Breading Equipment, Frying Equipment, Portioning Equipment, Skinners/Scalers/Peelers, Slicers

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6801 State Route 60
United States

Telephone: 440-965-4422
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Bettcher Automatic Coating System

The Automatic Coating System delivers consistent breading perfection when preparing fresh-breaded seafood items like calamari, scallops, shrimp and fish nuggets. The ACS is faster, easier and less messy than hand-breading. It delivers consistent food quality order-to-order. Save on ingredient costs, plus minimize flour blow-off in the fryer, extending oil life. The ACS accommodates dry coatings ranging from bread crumbs and panko to flour and seasoned coating blends. Develop your own signature batters and coatings to differentiate your food offerings from everyone else! The ACS is easy to operate, with less back strain and stress on workers. Sanitation is a cinch, because the batter tank and breading unit detach easily for pot sink or dishwasher cleaning while all other components are either stainless steel and food-safe plastic for easy cleanability. The ACS is built super-rugged for years of trouble-free operation. See the ACS in action at the Bettcher Industries booth.

Borncut Portion Cutter

Borncut Portion Cutters are the ultimate way to produce precise, fixed-weight portions of salmon and other fresh fish in high-speed production environments.  They optimize your output while minimizing product giveaway, thanks to advanced laser technology and software that calculate product density and convert the data to cutting specs.  And it's all accomplished with unmatched speed and precision -- up to 4,340 cuts per minute!

.  Multiple cutting angles allow for handling any product application

.  User-friendly touchscreen operation

.  Real-time QC reporting with actionable feedback

.  Integrates easily into high-speed production lines

See the Borncut Portion Cutter in action at the Bettcher Industries booth.

Grasselli Skinner

The Grasselli Skinner (Model 520) is the ideal machine for salmon and other fish skinning.  The skinner is precision-engineered to guarantee accurate and high-yield performance, with complete safety for the machine operator.

Its innovative design includes a toothroll which is made from a special high-resistance stainless steel for maximum durability and longevity, and which also features an adjustable pitch to accommodate different skinning operations.  The specially engineered toothroll air cleaning system plus quick blade-change capability (without the need for tools) improve production line efficiencies.

See the Grasselli Skinner in action at the Bettcher Industries booth.  Bettcher is the exclusive official distributor of Grasselli manual and conveyorized membrane skinners and derinders for the U.S. market.

Quantum Flex® Trimmer

The Quantum Flex® Trimmer is a highly effective yield-enhancing method to precision-slice and trim fresh salmon.  Easy to use, the handheld powered Trimmer is designed to improve product yields and appearance for a premium finished product.  An adjustable depth gauge promotes processing uniformity (consistent slicing thickness) while also simplifying the training process.  The Quantum Flex is a sure-fire way to "upgrade" your product offering!

Quantum Flex Trimmers incorporate patented design features to enhance operator productivity, safety and comfort while making challenging and delicate trimming jobs quicker, easier and more profitable.  In addition to salmon slicing, the Trimmer can be used for other high-value applications such as brown meat removal and bloodline removal.

See the Quantum Flex Trimmer in action at the Bettcher Industries booth.