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Shellfish, Cockles, Shellfish, Oysters-Atlantic, Mussels, Lobster-American, Langostinos, Lobster, Crab-King

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22 BD Jean-Pierre Colloc'h

Telephone: 0298065237
Contact email: [email protected]

Frozen Half-Shell Oyster

Specie : Crassostrea gigas, Origin : France, Processed from live raw material, Free of any additives, Frozen by Nitrogen,Sashimi Grade.

Frozen Mussel meat

Specie:Mytilus edulis
  Origin: France,  Produced from live raw material,  Free of any additives,  Frozen by Notrogen,  Sashimi grade.

Frozen Raw Canadian Lobster meat (Tail, Claws and Knuckles)

Specie : Homarus americanus,
 Origin : Canada,
 Processed from live raw material, Free of additives,
 Hand shelled, even the cartilage contained in the claw is removed,
 Frozen by nitrogen, Sashimi grade,
 We also have other products format available...

Frozen Raw Cockle meat

Specie : Cerastoderma edule, Origin : France, Processed from live raw material,
 Sand is removed by spending 12h in our holding tanks,
 Free of any additives, Frozen IQF by Nitrogen,
 Sashimi grade.

Frozen Raw European Lobster meat (Tail, Claw and Knuckles)

Specie : Homarus gammarus, Origin : Europe, Processed from live raw material, Hand shelled, even the cartilage contain in the claw is removed,
 Free of any additives, Frozen by Nitrogen, Sashimi grade ,

 We also offer different product format. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Frozen Raw Langoustine Tail Meat

Specie : Nephrops norvegicus, Origin : Scotland, Norway, Processed from live raw material, Hand shelled, Frozen by Nitrogen, Free of any additives, Sushi Grade, No waste.

Frozen Raw Oyster meat

Specie name : Crassostrea gigas, Origin: France,
 Produced from live raw material, Free of any additives, Frozen by Nitrogen,
 Sashimi grade