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Seafood Expo Global

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Philippines is the prime source of the world's premium quality, healthy, natural, and sustainable seafood products. Once again, Seafood Philippines will showcase its finest produce in Seafood Expo Global 2019. An array of premium quality fresh-chilled, fresh frozen, ready-to-eat, and a variety of gourmet seafood await buyers at the Philippine Pavilion. Catch only the world's best at the Philippine Pavilion located in Hall 8, Booth no. 8-4571. Exhibiting Companies: Agri Aquatic Care Enterprise, Inc. Bluefin Seafood Export, Inc. Citra Mina Canning Corp. D & L Seafoods Fisherfarms, Inc. Jam Seafoods, Inc. Jess Aquamarine Trading, Inc. Nuevo Fresco Marine Trading Corp. Phil-Union Frozen Foods, Inc. Well-Delight Network Inc. RGE Agridev Corp. EM Buenaventura FRI Seafood Trading Jarla Trading JN Mercado Seafood Supply


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3rd Floor, Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Bldg
Elliptical Road Diliman
Quezon City

Telephone: (+632) 453-8530
Contact email: [email protected]

All Natural Breakfast Fish Sausage

All Natural Breakfast Fish Sausage made from Milkfish. No preservatives, gluten free, casein free and MSG free. 

Canned Pasteurized Crabmeat (Colossal)

The most priced for their impressive size, bright white colorand exquisite taste. These are the largest size of white muscle crab meatavailable. Only two pieces from each crab and no broken pieces included.Excellent for dipping as crab cocktail.

Crab Meat

Super lump Crab meat is a mixture of large and mediumwhole pieces of white lump and broken jumbo lump body meat. Its meat is perfect for cocktail presentations, high end crab cakes, crab imperialand salad toppings.

Claw Meat is pickledfrom the claws and legs. Due to its strong flavor and dark color. It is perfectto blend into any crab dish for a little punch of crab flavor.


Scientific Name:Sepia Spp.Specification: Freshly caught Whole: 1-2kg, 2-3kg, 3kg up (skinless, gutted, beak and eyes off) Fillet:  U-1, 1/2, 2/4, 5/7, 8/12By Products: Head  :  2.5kg/block Fins : 2.5kg/blockPackaging: Individually packed in polyethylene bag & bulked in master carton

Fresh chilled tuna loins

Premium quality fresh chilled tuna loins

Fresh Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna Steak

Premiumsashimi-grade all-natural steak, superfrozen and less purge. Available in1.75-lb Ziploc bag containing 4-6 IVP steaks (5-9 oz per steak), 12-oz stand uppouch containing 2-individually packed 6-oz steaks, and 12-oz stand up pouchcontaining 3 individually packed 4-oz steaks


Frozen Octopus BallType and Flower Type
(Octopus vulgaris)
Specs: Cleaned, gutted. Eyes off, beak off,Fully eviscerated, IQF, IWP. Packed in 30lbs or 13.61 kilos per Master Carton.
Sizes: 1-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8up lbs per piece. Or500g-1kg, 1-2 kg, 2-3kg, 3kg up/pc

Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Sriracha Dipping Sauce

Net Weight: 400 gShrimp: 36 pcs.(300 g)Sauce: 100 g

Summer Onion Milkfish Fillet

Fresh milkfish loins in sweet and tangy onion marinade. Lean and high in protein.

Tuna Cubes

Dimensions: 2cm x 2cm
Available in 1lb vacuum-packed insulated bubbled plastic